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Your Family Dentist!

Questions To Ask

Are you looking for a Carson City Dentist that can be your family’s primary dental provider?

If you answered YES then let’s see what we can do about informing and educating you today to ensure you are prepared. Below let’s start with questions that you should ask the dentist before and during your first dental exam.

10 Questions to Ask Your Carson City Dentist

What Can I Expect During My First Dental Exam?
(You should expect an introduction, discussion about your dental history, overall health issues if any, medication you might be taking, a dental x-ray, a full examination of your mouth/teeth and a cleaning if necessary.)

Does The Dentist Office Take My Insurance?
(Most dentist offices accept a wide range of insurance, though it is always better to ask just in case)

Will The Dentist Office Staff Review My Treatment Options & The Cost Of Procedures With ME, Before Treatment?
(I know, this sounds like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, there are offices out there that do not use this “Best Practice” methodology. Always better to ask.)

Will My Carson City Dentist Advise Me Of Which Treatments or Procedures Are Absolutely Necessary, Optional, Cosmetic, Urgent or Not?

How Am I Expected To Pay?
(Dental offices have many different payment & billing set-ups, payment schedules, discounts for cash patients, etc. You will want to know this prior to scheduling your first appointment.)

Is There Anything You Need To Know From My Family (Doctor) Healthcare Provider?
(This is particularly important especially with our healthcare system in the US and when dealing with Dentist Carson City, Nevada. There is no giant internal computer network connecting all of your providers, so any health information that could complicate the success of a procedure or put you at risk should be reviewed prior.)

Is There Anything I Should Tell My Family (Doctor) Healthcare Provider?
(Another important one, your dentist can see signs that you might have issues like vitamin deficiencies, or other important health conditions that your doctor should be aware of.)

What Type Of Dental Procedures Can Your Dentist Perform?
(Many Carson City Dentists do not have Orthodontist or Periodontist capabilities within their office, and will have to refer you to another office. So find out what your Carson City Dentist office capabilities are beforehand to ensure they are the right fit for you.)

What Is Their Procedure When I have A Dental Emergency, Possibly After-Hours?
(This is important, some dentists are on-call, and others have an answering service that many times refers out to a network of dentists in the area that they work with. The last things you want to experience are the pain of a traumatic or severe dental emergency and then not know where to go!)

The Final Thing To Remember Is:
It is OK if the Carson City Dentist you chose is not the right match for your needs, they are professionals and are dedicated to the Dental Practice. They understand, if you need to find a provider that you feel more comfortable with or that provides more comprehensive services for your family. They have families too!

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